1. Am I allowed to set off fireworks in the city limits of Fulshear or Weston Lakes?
    Fireworks are not allowed within the city limits of Fulshear or Weston Lakes.

2. Who do I contact to sign up for CPR classes?
     To locate a CPR class in your area, please contact the American Red Cross.

3. Where do I check to see if I am allowed to do controlled burns in Fort Bend County?
     Please view the Fort Bend County Fire Marshal's website for rules and information on controlled burns.

4. Who do I call if a fire hydrant is damaged, leaking, or hidden by weeds?
     Please contact the Municipal Utilities District (MUD) where the fire hydrant is located and report the problem.

5. Should I call the Fulshear Simonton Fire Department if I have a wild or stray animal on my property?
    No, please call Fort Bend County Animal Services at 281-342-1512.  If livestock are on the roadway, please contact the
    Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office at 281-341-4665 with the location of the animal.

6. Does the Fulshear Simonton Fire Department perform car set check?
     No, please click on the website below to find the Child Safety Seat Inspection location in your area.